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Good morning friends, here's my thought for today, as long as we keep fighting amongst ourselves,our enemies go unrestricted on their quest to destroyand control this nation, and to overthrow the political ideology which has made the United States of America one of the greatest nations in human history !!! , as long as we keep arguing and bickering among ourselves, our enemies are free to do what they will unrestricted ! our ignorance to this military strategy ,will lead to our demise, both parties !!! if we do not wake up, and realize that we are aiding and abetting in our own destruction, by fueling our political resentment against one another,there is no one stopping our true enemy !!! as long as we are fighting with each other, nobody is fighting our true enemy Bill Sharpe. ...

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Trump is NOT Hillary Clinton! #NeverHillary #TrumpTrain ...

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And.... The Bears still suck! 😄 ...

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