James T. Harris

The James T. Harris Show is chocolate conservatism served fresh daily. James T. Harris is a multi-faceted talk show host who delivers the top news stories in an entertaining and informative fashion.


James T. Harris is the Ringmaster of the Conservative Circus, featuring national and local contributors, and chocolate conservatism served fresh daily.


Powerful. Motivational. Inspirational. The James T. Harris show compels listeners to live and learn through laughter!


At times, even radio and television aren’t enough to convey all of James’ opinions and ideas. He is a published opinion writer as well.


"Approaches each show like a child, with mischievous wonderment and joy!"

Radio Personality

James T. began his unique relationship with talk radio as an avid listener who became a regular caller, who quickly became a favorite weekend talk show host. Because of this evolution, he knows how to create radio that appeals to the listener’s ear, drawing them in and capturing the audience’s imagination. This results in ‘appointment radio’; it creates a listening atmosphere that is engaging, and must not be missed.

Listeners are drawn to what James T. Harris has dubbed ‘The Conservative Circus.’ Here, chocolate conservatism is served fresh daily, with a variety of contributors that keep the audience informed, entertained, and engaged; so much so that James T. Harris’ radio listening audience has a lexicon all its own.
It turned out, that the upper midwest wasn’t the only region in America with a taste for Conservative Chocolate under the big top. After a few wildly successful fill ins, the Circus found a home in Tucson, AZ, where the ringmaster, known as The Beautiful Man, can be heard weekdays, from 3-6, on 104.1KQTH, Tucson’s News and Talk.


“I first met James in 2008 at a forum where I was the lone Liberal. I was so impressed with Mr. Harris’ wit and charm that I asked if he would like to fill in for me the next time I was on vacation. James T. Harris has rare qualities for a talk radio host: sincerity, charm and an ability to be passionate without being polarizing. In an age of cookie cutter hosts spewing predictable dogma, James T. Harris stands out as a real entertainer who actually makes listeners think and smile at the same time!”Sly, Afternoon drive time host of a talk show on “Big Radio” WEKZ-FM
“James T. Harris is a multi-layer, multi-faceted talk show host that delivers the top news stories in an entertaining and informative fashion. Not only do you want to listen to him every day for the biggest stories, but you also want to listen to him to laugh and have a good time. James is the kind of guy that listeners want to sit down and have a drink with, and at the end of the day, if a listener can have that kind of connection with you, they are going to be loyal to your brand!”Ryan McCredden, Program Director
KILT-AM – Sports Radio 610 & KIKK-AM – CBS Sports Radio 650
“James T. Harris does something unique. Rush, Hannity, and the like have made a name for themselves telling me over and over that “the left is bad, the left is bad.” I get it. I don’t need to hear it again. James T. gives me information that I can use, that informs and educates me, and that is actionable. He’s not about “the left is bad,” he’s about getting to the core of an issue, understanding the issue, and developing a thoughtful position on the issue. And that’s why I listen.”Steve Spain, Original listener
from Sunday Nights with James T. Harris